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Six Week Indoor/Outdoor Training Courses

     No choke chains or pinch collars are allowed in any of our classes.
The dog learns to obey you to make you happy, not because it has been forced to do something to make you happy. 
"Gregg's Way" teaches you to become a pack leader in a very fun, exciting and communicative way. 
Training becomes a game and all dogs love games.

These courses are designed to help you and your dog build a relationship while teaching basic obedience skills. 
Each class increases in difficulty as new cues are introduced and mastered.  Classes teach you to become the "pack leader".
Minimum class size is 3 dogs.


  • Puppy Class (12 wks. to 5 mos.) - Teaches puppies to start learning with an easy, fun approach while socializing with other dogs and humans.  The course teaches cues such as heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, come and more.  Potty training help offered.  $120


  • Basic Classes - Basic classes are for dogs 5 mos. and older.  Your dog will learn such commands as heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, leave it, weaving and come when you are called the first time.  Your dog, using "Gregg's Way", will learn to focus on you and what you desire.  While similar to our puppy class, a variety of distractions are used to solidify the dog's working knowledge.  Your dog will be tested so that you will feel confident in your ability along with your dog's ability to perform each command.  $140

  • Intermediate I and II Classes - Dogs must have successfully passed Basic.  Dogs and handlers will build upon the skills learned in the previous class.  New skills will be added, some of which include Sit and Greet, Weaving with Sit/stay and Down/stay, Recalls to Front with finishes to Heel.  $150

  • Advanced Classes - Dogs must be invited to this class from the intermediate level.  Your dog's focus will be increased while learning additional commands, expanding your dog's vocabulary and ability to better interact with their owners.  Additional commands such as left hand turns, right hand turns, reverses, four-post hub and sit to heel will be added.  Your dog should be ready for its CGC testing and border lining it on its Companion Dog title.  Many of these commands will be either with a dropped leash or off leash.  Your dog will be able to perform all these commands both indoors and outdoors.  $160


  • Rally 


  •  CGC Basic -  A 5 week course centered around specific obedience and social skills needed to pass the Canine Good Citizen test which follows on the 6th week.   Those wishing to take the CGC test without attending the class shall be charged the normal rate of $25 per dog and must pre-register at least 1 week prior to the test date to be eligible for testing.   $150
    **Class prices effective:  August 1, 2016