Master's Kennels
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Boarding at Master's Kennels

Dogs with proven sociability with other dogs and comfortable with other people and other environments are welcome at Master's Kennels, regardless of size. 
Due to the open environment, we cannot accommodate dogs with special needs.
The dog dormitories are organized based on dog size.
All dormitories are air conditioned, heated and provide music for their listening enjoyment.

There are also separate play yards for small and large dogs.
All play yards have plenty of space for your dog to roam, play, and socialize with other dogs.
All dogs have plenty of play time to enjoy both the outdoors and socializing with other dogs.
All areas for both small and large dogs have plenty of fresh water and shade for their comfort.
All toys are provided along with a "good night biscuit/treat" for their puppy dreams.
Large dogs have Kennel Decks provided. 

Your dog's safety and fun are our primary concern.
We want being away from home to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

All dogs entering or leaving our home must be by appointment only.  No drop offs, pick ups, or phone calls between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm as dogs are being fed during this time.
All boarding is done at our personal residence further insuring your dog's safety while in our care.
All dogs entering must provide us with a shot record which must include Bordatella current within 6 months as well as a copy of the Rabies Certificate.  
All dogs must have flea and tick application prior to entering.

Please note:
Bordetella for kennel cough MUST be current within the past 6 months.

Payment is required at time of drop off, either by check or cash only.  The 2020 basic boarding
 rate is $32 per day for the first dog, $30 for subsequent dogs.

Master's Kennels does not accept bully breeds, akitas or chows for boarding.
However, they are accepted for our training classes. 
Questionable social skills will be evaluated prior to any boarding.

Boarding Areas