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Goldguns' Rough N Ready Rebel QA2 MH WC-WCX
DOB: 4/7/06 OFA: Good
prcd PRA, PRA1  Clear - 
ICH Carrier
Qualified for Master Nationals  2012, 2014 & 2016

Master's Sienna Sun Trooper SH
DOB: 3/17/04    OFA: Good

3 Master Passes
EIC/Clear      CNM/Clear

Master's Lil Bit of Sunglow  SH WC-WCX
DOB: 6/30/05   OFA: Good
2 Master Passes 
prcd PRA, PRA1, ICH:  Clear

Master's Annie Get Your Gun JH
DOB:  7/30/2014     OFA:  Good
prcd PRA & PRA1 Clear by parentage



Master's A Little Bit A Rebel SH WC
DOB:  4/23/12
OFA:  Good          Ichthyosis:  Clear
prcd PRA, PRA1  Clear

Renloz' After All, Tomorrow Is Another Day MH
DOB:  7/23/08      OFA:  Excellent
EIC and CNM  Clear

Master's Roll Of The Dice SH WC
DOB:  6/29/04


Edwards Rookie Of The Year
DOB:  3/15/14     OFA:  Good
CNM:  Clear










Firemark's Bridgerland Wilfire MH
DOB:  2/7/10
OFA:  Excellent      Cardiac:  Normal
CERF:  Normal    prcd PRA:   Clear
Ichthyosis:  Carrier
Qualified for Master Nationals 2015 = Qualifier
Qualified for Master Nationals 2016

Master's Arizona Diamondback MH WC-WCX
DOB:  4/23/12        OFA:  Good
prcd PRA, PRA1:  Clear
Ichthyosis:  Carrier
Qualified for Master Nationals  2015 & 2016

Master's A Taste Of Wild Honey RA
DOB:  7/17/13     OFA:  Good
prcd PRA & PRA1  Clear by parentage

Master's Thistle Rock No April Fool
DOB:  4/1/2016